Terms of Use

We are a company making available CO2 footprint calculation services on a specifically designed platform (the Platform is currently called GUES). Our services consist of issuing a CO2 footprint certificate (CO2 Certificate), that you will be able to use far various applications to banks or other bodies public or private in line with the EU legislative developments on decreasing CO2 footprint in various industry sectors. By submitting your request to have your CO2 footprint calculation set out in a CO2 Certificate, you agree to enter into a contract with us as per the terms and conditions below:

1. Scope of Services:

1.1. We are providing you with a CO2 Certificate using our program algorithms that incorporates adequate parameters in line with Greenhouse Gas Protocol and relevant carbon emission EU Regulations on Delivering the European Green Deal 1 .

1.2. You will be able to use your CO2 Certificate before banks and other authorities requiring such a certificate as part of their approval procedures or their specific compliance role.

1.3. As part of our services, we do not provide advice on any matters relating to your business or further use of your certificate. We are not industry or investment baking specialists; therefore our services are limited to providing your with the algorithm and the software means for the issue of your CO2 certificate.

1.4. We take no responsibility for the end result of your relevant application or for your actual compliance with various specific regulations on CO2 emissions or for other matters.

2. Delivery of our Services:

2.1. Our services are delivered by technical means only, without any personal interaction. Your CO2 Certificate is the result of calculations following computer algorithms. The Platform provides the only interaction means throughout our relationship. Neither our partners nor our employees shall make or sign-off calculations for the issue of your CO2 Certificate personally.

2.2.Our algorithm comprises a set of mathematical calculations that will process your input data resulting in the issue of your CO2 Certificate. Our algorithm is compliant to standard procedures for the examination of CO2 footprint commonly used in the EU by banks and regulation authorities.

2.3. The Platform strictly serves as professional calculation tool aimed to be used for processing your CO2 data input. The Platform provides exclusively calculations for the issue of your CO2 Certificate. We do not attach to our platform links to other sites. We do not store your IP details and do not use cookies. Equally, in the course of our relation we are not to come into posession of any data on your shareholding, your financials, your clients or any other data that is not used in the issue of your CO2 certificate.

2.4. The Platform does not incorporate any information, data or algorithm belonging to a third party. Calculations are made solely by our algorithms using your input data, without any other external data, environment factors or other outside indicators. We warrant strictly the accuracy of the algorithm calculations used for your CO2 Certificate.

2.5. However, it may be the case that, when making calculations, our algorithm acceses to external information sources such as emission data registered in various records or databases (whether available publicly or made available to us on our specifc request). We will promptly inform you in advance if this is the case. Should you disagree with such sources being relied upon for the issue of your CO2 Certficate, you will be able to provide us with accurate information from your own sources.

2.6. Please note that, at no point, we are able to make any independent checks on and take no liability for the accuracy of the information we use either from external sources or from you.

2.7. Our algorithms may be updated from time to time. We will be giving notice of such updates on our website. Please therefore check our website regularly. Nonetheless, we undertake no liability to update already issued certificates or to issue new certificates as an update to our algorithm has been made.

3. Fees and costs:

3.1 For our services we will be charging you a fee, set by reference to the complexity of the parameters you will input into our system for your requested
CO2 Certificate. Our fee will be provided for your acceptance and must be paid before you input your instructions to issue your CO2 certificate. No services shall be provided without your prior payment.

3.2 We operate a secured electronic payments system. We guarantee safety of your payment transactions which will be encrypted.

4. Data Input:

4.1. We are not storing or processing personal data. Our services are aimed for companies, not for individuals.

4.2. It may be however possible that certain associates within your company file applications or requests to us via our systems. We will not be storing, processing or transferring their personal data at any point, otherwise than in the regular course of our relation on the Platform. For such employees we warrant that their rights under art. 15-18 and art. 19-21 GDPR shall be fully protected.

4.3. You have control on all data input on our platform. At any time, we will comply with your instructions to have your company data removed from our system. Unless otherwise requested by you, we will be storing only copies only of the CO 2 certificates that we issue, without any storage of your data. Equally, upon your specific instructions we will be storing data of your company strictly for the purposes of issuing new CO2 certificates.

5. Intelectual property:

We have designed this algorithm by our own independent research. The algorithm and the programs we employ for the issue of your CO2 Certificate are our exclusive intellectual property. You shall not copy or otherwise replicate in whole or in part any of our algorithm or programmes we use for the calculations translated into your CO2 Certificate, should you get into their possession.

For any issues on our CO2 footprint calculation platform, please refer to>

1 For detailde information on the EU legislative trends on CO2 emissions cut please refer to:

https://climate.ec.europa.eu/eu-action/european-green-deal_en and

https://commission.europa.eu/strategy-and-policy/priorities-2019-2024/european-green- deal_ro